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Primavera Vineyard

News & Events

November 18, 2018
Starting the day without having a coffee first can be dangerous!
October 8, 2018
Get ready for a fun day out this Saturday! You dont want to miss this ONE DAY special event at The Peaks 360 Lusatia Park Rd Woori Yallock #winery #familyfriendly #yarravalley #shedfest2018 #music #dancing #liveband #wine #winetasting #party #yarrapeaks #evviva #mexicanfood #foodtruck #primaveravineyard
July 28, 2017
Happy to see Primavera vineyard at number 26.
July 26, 2017
Great to back up the 2015 vintage Pinot with another spectacular wine. ,Great job to Steve Flamstead, Australian winemaker of the year. Thank you for all the support for our new Primavera vineyard label 'Evviva' Pinot Noir, which has also been well recieved and boasts a gold medal winner at the Yarra Valley wine show. 2015 vintage is still available for a few more months and can be purchased on line.
April 11, 2017
All hands on deck! Over the past few days we've been busily harvesting our Pinot Noir grapes - in the traditional age-old way.
April 9, 2017
2016 RamatoSelling fast at K+B Healsville.Stock is running low so don't miss out!Available for a limited time only.
February 22, 2017
Welcome to with all your favourite Yarra Peaks and EVVIVA wines now available online.
February 19, 2017
Welcome to Primavera family vineyard.Home of YARRA PEAKS, EVVIVA and GIANT STEPS PRIMAVERA PINOT.
February 18, 2017
Very excited. Almost bottling time for the rest of 2016 vintage. A great vintage for Yarra peaks and Evviva.
January 24, 2017
Supply and demand!An evening with AIR SUPPLY!
October 9, 2016
Another fabulous day at Shedfest 2016 with live music, food and plenty and wine at Primavera Vineyard. Come by and experience the newly released and award winning EVVIVA Pinot Noir.
October 6, 2016
Shedfest this weekend. Head to the Yarra Valley for great food, boutique wines and live music along with some of the best scenery.